Piano Fingers

"Samira is a very supportive but also challenging teacher.  She has many creative approaches to inspire young piano students to connect with music.  We are so happy to have Samira to make learning piano a joy!"

                                                                -  Joyce

"Our three children love their lessons with Ms. Samira!  She has been teaching them for over 2 years and they thoroughly enjoy her relaxed and friendly but firm style.  She is passionate about music and that shines through in her teaching.  Our children look forward to their lessons each week.  I never have any trouble getting them to practice which shows how much they enjoy it!  We couldn't ask for a better teacher for our kids than Ms. Samira!"

                                                                     -  Kristie

"I love working with Ms. Samira, because she is funny and I like learning while having fun."

                                    -  Student of 2 years, age 9

Quality Musical Education

"Samira is funny and kind.  If we do something wrong, she doesn't get angry.  She teaches us the right way to do it.  If we don't understand something, she goes over it and helps us with it until we understand it.  And she gets silly with us."

                                    -  Student of 3 years, age 9

"Samira is a fabulous pianist and singer.  Her love and passion for music are evident in her teaching methods.  Samira gives each of my children equal praise, attention, and dedication.  Samira consistently challenges the children, though she never gives them more than they can handle.  She is an excellent communicator with adults, as well as children.  And we all look forward to our days when Samira comes for piano lessons!"

                                                      -  Laren

Hear From Our Students

                                                                   And Their Parents...

"I like Ms. Samira as our piano teacher, because she is nice and she teaches us a lot and helps us too.  She teaches a lot of cool songs.  Also, she does fun things with us."

                                  -  Student of 2 years, age 11