Piano Fingers

What we believe...


With patience, time, and effort, our students can achieve their goals both in music and in life with the compassion, understanding, and ability of our skilled teachers.       

About Piano Fingers

Where We Operate

Currently, Piano Fingers is based in Baltimore County and northern Virginia.  As we grow, we hope to create new bases in new cities.   

We provide in-home based piano lesson to adults and children of all ages.

Quality Musical Education

       ​Piano Fingers began as a way to provide quality lessons to those looking for more than the standard piano lesson.  

        Its founder, Samira Humes, having studied piano and music both privately and in international conservatories, sees the ways in which private musical education can be improved to better serve students today.  

        With this insight, Samira began teaching in the private sector with the goal of changing standards within the private musical education industry.  

How Piano Fingers Came To Be

                                Our students thrive in their musical education while in the comfort of their own home and receive more than the standard piano lesson.  Our students receive technique, musical theory, dictation, sight-reading, and the opportunity to preform and share  their accomplishments each year.  

Piano fingers is a new-age music preparatory.